winter air inlets

CIZO’s air inlets are completely made of shock-resistant and anticondensation PVC, with corner connection made of ABS. The peculiarity of these air inlets is the flap with “comma” shape made of alveolar PVC that allows an optimal direction of the incoming air flow. The smooth surface also allows a better air flow and less deposition of dust. These air inlets can be required in different dimension both of height and of length and of deep. In this way they can be adapted to the characteristics of the house. They are also equipped with several accessories and options such as extensions, trap lights,  frames or deflectors.

control panels

CIZO can supply control panels for each need: from the simply panel/controller for monitoring only one device (feeding lines,  augers,  climate, etc.) till to the complete control panel for the management of all equipments and plants in the house using the newest technologies such as remote control through mobile phone or internet connection to a PC.


CIZO offers a wide range of extraction and recirculation fans for moving air inside farms in order to create a more healthy and productive environment reducing heat stress on birds. Fans have galvanized sheet case available in several dimension for satisfying different needs of customers. Blades are made of high quality staninless steel and have special shape granting the optimal air movement. Fans can be supplied with or without shutter, with different power motors. Light traps are available as option.

summer air inlets

CIZO offers a wide range of summer air inlets, customized and made of different materials: PVC curtain, sandwich panels and polycarbonate with wasistas or guillotine opening.  Movement can be manual or automatic by means of actuator or gear motor with racks. Air inlets are finished with perimeter edgings made of prepainted galvanized sheet.