Nipple Drinkers

Drinker for broilers

Nipple drinkers for broilers allow for effective and accurate delivery of water, designed to meet the needs of birds of all ages. In this way, performances are  always optimal, from the first to the last day.
This drinker is characterized by a very precise actuating mechanism, which allows birds to have easy watering from the first day of life, and provides more and more water according to age and needs of the birds, thanks to the gradual lifting of the upper piston.

Drinker for layers

Nipple drinkers for weaning layers on floor are essential for optimal growth of the animals.
The unique design of nipple drinkers  ensures a precise operation and optimum actuation especially in the first days of the life of the chicks, which represent the most critical phase of the whole cycle.
The multi-directional nipple can be operated very easily by the young birds, and it is designed to supply small quantities of water to the chicks as well as large quantities of water for adult birds that are capable of driving the nipple in a very more energetic way.  The structure of the drinker thus ensures always optimal water supply proportional to the age of the birds, which allows to reach the highest performance in pullets weaning.
Nipple drinkers for layers are designed to ensure the birds the right amount of water such as to ensure maximum production of eggs. The gradual lifting of the lower pin allows the animal to take the right amount of water without waste. More is pushed up the pin, and the greater the amount of water dispensed. The ability of the drinkers to meet the actual needs of water of layers is the key to achieving the highest performance and thus maximize investment results.

Drinker for turkeys

The new nipple drinker called “EasyLine” represents a revolution in the field of watering systems for turkeys.
EasyLine is a system designed specifically for weaning and fattening turkeys. The heart of this patented system represented by the stainless steel nipple actuated by a pendulum which directs the flow of water inside a cup.
The pendulum is moved by the animal’s head every time it drinks. In the open version of the pendulum (with first day ball of 25 mm.) the water flows from the square tube 28 x 28 mm. inside the pendulum to the cup. In the closed version of the pendulum (with first day ball of 30 mm.) the water flows outside the pendulum itself up to the cup. The edge of the cup is kept clean thanks to the rubbing of the wattles and the plumage of the birds during the watering.
So it is necessary to optimize the height of the lines according to the age of the birds in order to ensure the proper use of the system