hot air generators

Hot air heaters consist of a rectangular box containing the burner assembly designed to work with LPG (on request can be supplied for working with natural gas). They are complete with electric fan for  sucking the air to be heated and put the heated air in the environment . They are equipped with and electronic device for the control and operation.
They are available with galvanized steel or painted steel case, with power of 73.3 kW or 80 kW

other heating systems


Radiant tubes have essentially three specific functions:

– Transmit heat to RADIATION (floor heating)
– Transmit heat to CONVECTION (space heating)
– Stratification (energy saving).

APPROVED IN “A” CATEGORY (they can be installed inside the farm).


With these lamps the heat is concentrated in a limited area, which outlines the wellness area for chicks, within which they find the necessary environment for their growth, comparable to what they would find under the wing of the hen. Precisely for this reason they are particularly suitable for the first days of birds.
They are available on request in various types and wattages.

Sono disponibili su richiesta in varie tipologie e potenze.