Avaporative cooling system

System consisting of modules of alveolate panels, made of special soaked cellulose and purposely treated to ensure a high absorption that gives the material a stiffness making it self-supporting. Furthermore, the panel is protected from any decomposition processes, caused by air and water.

The system is complete with water groups with storage and water recovery tank, pump unit for distribution and accessories for connection to humi-pad groups. Panels are supported by a structure placed at 1 m. from the wall of the house opposite to the summer air inlets and rest on a concrete base.

The closure between the Humi-Pad panels and the wall of the house in the upper part is made with sandwich or polycarbonate panels; the side walls are closed each one with a door of m. 1 x 2 H.  to allow the inside inspection between the Humi-Pad wall and the air inlet. All this is completed with finishing edges made of galvanized pre-painted steel.

Fogging system

The fogging system uses high-pressure water which is sprayed through special nozzles into droplets of only 10 microns. The nebulized water evaporates instantaneously, reducing the ambient temperature.

The versatility of this system allows to satisfy the multiple needs of various customers by offering them a cost-effective solution to effectively humidify the air. The plant is simple, quiet and easily adjustable. It is complete with all the necessary components to ensure high performance.

The lines are made of stainless steel tube Ø 12 mm. drilled according to demand.