Automatic Nests

Automatic Nests

Double community nests with rear belt for the egg collection.

They consist of:

  • filmfaced hardwood panels treated with protective coatings for a long life
  • the upper part is mobile and removable on both sides to facilitate cleaning and/or any control necessary during the production cycle. In the upper central part, for the whole length of the nest, there is an opening allowing an easy exchange of air inside the nest. Each group is provided with antiroost system
  • lower sides of the nest are protected by a movable curtain made of flexible material, of red color, to facilitate the entrance of bird in the laying zone.
  • bottom made of shaped galvanized wire mesh, forming a high strength panel on which ther is an “Astroturf” mat in soft material
  • nest support frame made of steel with wooden legs having a height of cm. 70 (can be varied depending on needs)
  • 2 PP belts 25 cm. wide each one (on request also made of perforated PVC), for transporting eggs
  • systems for the expulsion of birds from the nest formed by sturdy galvanized wire mesh panels, fixed to a torsion bar, and motorized groups for the simultaneous control of all nests

egg collection table complete with gearmotor or unit for discharging eggs  on a conveyor

They are available in 3 sizes:

– standard: cm. 240 long and cm. 143 wide

– XL: cm. 240 long and cm. 153 wide

– XXL: cm. 240 long and cm. 153 wide with increased usable area

They may have 1 or 2 levels.