Storage and Transport


CIZO’s metal silos are made of galvanized corrugated steel sheets (rings) perforated and fixed together with bolts treated to cadmium, which avoid the corrosion and grant therefore the remarkable durability.

The water resistance is obtained by sealing the joints of the rings with plastic hardener putty, protecting bolting holes with elastic rubber gaskets and using and curved antirain washers.

The food is preserved in an excellent way. The fast heat exchange of the steel sheet walls and the special design arrangements do not allow the formation of condensate. Characteristic of CIZO’s silos is the absence of fermentation and packing of the feed and maximum smoothness of the same, without the formation of bridges.

The loading can be carried out by mechanical means (cochlear system) or, adding an accessory, with pneumatic system. In the mechanical version, the silo is equipped with a system for opening lid from the bottom. On request, a ladder is available in galvanized steel elements with protective cage.

The CIZO’s silos are available in various sizes and capacities.


To transport the feed from the silo to the hoppers inside the house, CIZO uses a flexible auger system in tempered steel, which allows to adapt, without problems, to any type of route, either linear or with elbows or even of considerable length.
Depending on customer requirements and the required flow, CIZO can provide 3 cofles models:

diameter   75 with a nominal flow of 1,200 kg / h
diameter   90 with a nominal flow of 1,800 kg / h
diameter 125 with a nominal flow of 4,500 kg / h

For the diameters 90 and for 125 you can also choose the model with PVC pipes and elbows or the one with galvanized steel pipes and special steel curves with treatment of carburizing